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Think Big Thoughts. Take Big Actions. Yield Big Results.

Think Big Thoughts. Take Big Actions. Yield Big Results.

Inc. 5000 Conference and Celebration Awards 2011Your organization may not be a multi-million dollar organization yet but it’s a wise idea to start thinking and performing as if it were.   I was reminded of this last night when I ran into a former employee of mine who has gone on to open her own restaurant.  She kept trivializing it, comparing it to mine, stating, “We’re very small. We’re nothing like you guys.”I felt obligated to tell her that there was no need to compare her place in size and success to mine. Opening up a business is phenominal in itself.

Think about how a leader of an extraordinarily successful company must think, speak and act, both personally and professionally,  in order for the company to continue being competitive and successful.  A slogan I heard early on in my own personal development was, “Act As If.”   Pretend.  Name a few of your role models and list the qualities you admire about them. Now act as if you have all those same traits.  Act as if.  In acting as if, there will be many moments where you’ll need to be strong.  Remember, however, to be kind along the way. This same principle of Act As If can also be applied if you’re looking to making changes in any areas of your life.  Think big thoughts. Take big actions. Yield big results. Trust me on this. Act as if and see what happens.

I challenge you.


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