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Talent Management

Talent Management

Talent management refers to the skills of attracting highly skilled workers, of integrating new workers, and developing and retaining current workers to meet current and future business objectives. Talent management[1] in this context does not refer to the management of entertainers. Companies engaging in a talent management strategy shift the responsibility of employees from the human resources department to all managers throughout the organization [1]. The process of attracting and retaining profitable employees, as it is increasingly more competitive between firms and of strategic importance, has come to be known as “the war for talent.” Talent management is also known as HCM (Human Capital Management).

The term “talent management” means different things to different organizations [2][2]. To some it is about the management of high-worth individuals or “the talented” whilst to others it is about how talent is managed generally – i.e. on the assumption that all people have talent which should be identified and liberated.[citation needed]

Hiring the right people is one of my biggest challenges in being an entrepreneur.  While there are plenty of great candidates out there, many of them are already employed and many of the rest are simply looking for a job and have no interest in either the restaurant industry as a whole or have no idea that they were hired by the Company to assist with business objectives.  Our main objective is not to to add fat to the payroll. Let others do that. My main objective is to promote the mission of the restaurant, move our agenda ahead and make a profit for the business.


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