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Small Business

Feeling Stuck

Are you feeling stuck?

Are you ready to grow your business beyond where you are now?

Are you looking to have more free time outside your business?

These questions point to challenges in having the business that you have always envisioned. Moomtaz Coaching supports solo entrepreneurs (a.k.a., solopreneurs) by creating the time to find ideal clients and serving them with “purpose”. My  experience with solo entrepreneurs spans back many years, including my personal experience of growing my business from zero to multi-million in sales, and I’ve faced many similar challenges that you have today.

Making the Inc. 5000 List

Inc 5000 2010 List

Inc 5000 2010 List

Of all the restaurants in New York City, Bogota Latin Bistro does a pretty great job of getting itself media attention. Bogota has been featured in numerous press, both print, television, radio and digital. Hard as it is to believe, I don’t pay a public relationship firm to get me in the press. The press seeks me out and I give them what they want.  The press seeks the path of least resistance.  They want a story that’s already there and they want someone who can easily tell it.  That’s us. We have a great story. It’s the proverbial story of the little engine that could (and did).  Ours is the story of Two guys who wanted to open a restaurant with no money and little experience but lots of faith, determination and discipline. Throw in hard work and a continual investment of time, energy and money into a passion for latin culture and it’s food.  Throw in the fact that my business partner and I are also life partners with twins on the way, the story only gets better.

Inc. 5000 Applicant of the Week:  Bogota Latin Bistro


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